Cultivating Sustainable Coffee Growth

The Stronger Coffee Initiative transforms coffee communities, restores soil health and reduces climate change through coalition-led investments that support sustainable practices.


Every coffee cup has a story to tell. From the farmers cultivating the beans to the roasters creating the fullest flavor and every step in between, the coffee value chain connects us.

Leveraging LDC’s experience, global reach and supply chain expertise, the Stronger Coffee Initiative builds coalitions and increases opportunities for all our partners to investing in a stronger future – for coffee, for people and for the environment we all depend on.

Through this initiative, we drive sustainable coffee growth by:

Building farmer prosperity

Empowering farmers communities to succeed and thrive

Reducing carbon emissions

Acting at farm level to mitigate climate change

Regenerating soil health

Working with farmers to increase agrobiodiversity

Facilitating coalition-led investments

Forging partnerships to increase impact at farm level

Our Approach

We work with partners to develop new and exciting methods to support coffee farmers in 3 key areas:

Farmer Prosperity

Broaden access to innovative training and market opportunities that secure economic sustainability for farmers, and reinforce the central role of women and youth as catalysts for positive change in their communities.

Our Target:
By 2027, support 30,000 farmers globally with access to agronomic technical assistance, value added market opportunities and responsible business best practice.




farmers globally

Low Carbon

Assist farmers to produce with demonstrably lower carbon emissions, implement climate-smart agronomic strategies and access an increased variety of income opportunities via verified reductions.

Our Target:
By 2027, support the production of 180,000 MT of third party-verified, low-carbon coffee and plant 1.2 million shade trees in coffee agroforestry systems.




of 3rd party verified low carbon coffee

Regenerative Agriculture

Conserve and restore coffee landscapes for present and future farming generations through structured and scalable farm-level interventions in soil health, biodiversity conservation and production stability.

Our Target:
By 2027, launch regenerative agriculture and soil restoration across 100,000ha of coffee farmland.


Regenerative agriculture and soil restoration across


of coffee farmland

Committed to

To achieve true, transformative impacts, sustainability must be a continuous, scalable and measurable effort on the ground.

It’s a journey, not a destination.

To drive scalable sustainability across the value chain, the Stronger Coffee Initiative structures access to collaborative investments that facilitate engagement, measurable impact and shared rewards.

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