Business Lines

Global Markets

Volatility & Opportunity

High volatility driven by the Covid-19 pandemic significantly affected the markets in which we trade, creating opportunities that we capitalized on across all regions.

Active Anticipation

The Platform leveraged its expertise to anticipate the positioning needed to benefit from sell-offs and recoveries as macroeconomic issues impacted the market throughout the year.

Reduced Risk Exposure

Very strong performance in all regions reduced risk exposure for the Platform and LDC as a whole.

Miguel Catella
Head of Global Markets

“The Global Markets team exceeded its targets in 2020, while continuing to provide essential support to LDC’s merchandizing operations in a particularly challenging and uncertain context.”

More Global Markets Highlights

Efficient use of capital by using derivative products drove optimized returns and improved risk-reward ratios.

We benefited from agile networking and a solid framework in the local markets where we are active.

Synergies across regions helped to leverage local views in a global context.

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