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Famously, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. But sugar is not just a sweetener. It also acts as a preservative, texture modifier, flavoring and coloring agent, fermentation substrate and bulking agent in a host of food technology applications.

LDC is a top five global sugar merchandizer. We operate in 14 countries worldwide, with an extensive origination and destination network backed by excellent market intelligence and research capabilities.

We offer raw and refined sugar.

Sugarcane grows to around 6 meters tall – about the height of an adult giraffe

Committed to Sustainable Sugar

We support Bonsucro’s efforts to increase the adoption of its standards and practices for the responsible production of sugar.

All relevant LDC facilities and trading entities are Bonsucro-certified and, since we do not grow sugar ourselves, we take steps to promote the organization to our suppliers and to merchandize Bonsucro-certified sugar wherever possible.

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