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LDC in Brazil

Brazil is a key market for LDC, both in the merchandizing role that made our company a global force and in our new strategy of embracing more of the value chain, moving further toward end consumers

Our Operations

Home to some of the world’s most fertile and productive agricultural areas, Brazil is an essential part of the global agricultural market.

LDC is active in Brazil’s major agricultural products, originating, processing, storing, transporting, researching, customizing and distributing them for customers and consumers worldwide.

With major operations in coffee, cotton, grains, juice, oilseeds, rice and sugar, we are among the ten largest exporters in Brazil.

Operating some 60 industrial and logistics units in the country, and employing approximately 11,000 people, our activities contribute significantly to the country’s economic development.

Our Strategy

LDC is pursuing its strategy to move further downstream toward end consumers, diversifying revenue through value-added products.

Leveraging our position among Brazil’s largest soybean originators, processors and exporters, and our activities in cottonseed and groundnuts, we market our own brands of refined soybean oil (Vila Velha), cottonseed meal (Pagador) and peanut meal (Mandubi).

LDC entered the processed corn market in Brazil with the acquisition of Kowalski Alimentos, operating the two largest dry corn processing plants in the country, and serving both B2B and B2C customer segments.

In the B2B segment, we work with leading international and local companies, providing inputs for the food, mining, brewery and animal nutrition industries. We also operate in the aqua feed business, manufacturing high quality feed under the Kowalski brand for the aquaculture industry.

In the B2C segment, we market corn-based food products under our Xodó brand, and are active in the pet food market from the super premium to the affordable segment, with our VitalCan and Canitos brands for dogs, and our Fellina brand for cats, among others.

Our Brazilian citrus operations span the entire value chain, including orange, lemon and lime juice production for the not from concentrate (NFC) and frozen concentrate juice markets. We also market fresh oranges, lemons and derivative products such as CPP (citrus pulp pellets), citrus fruit essential oils, and dry and washed peel.

Our Assets

The sheer scale of our operations in Brazil benefits both local farmers and our partners and customers. The relationships we have built with them over time are supported by our strategically located assets and extensive logistic network in the country, as well as our global trading and risk management capabilities.

Our assets in the country include processing plants, warehouses, transshipment and port terminals, as well as waterways and a fleet of pushers and fluvial barges. This network continues to grow as we invest to deliver products that meet the growing needs of our customers around the world.

Best-in-Class Market Insights

Our activities in Brazil are supported by a market intelligence produced by our highly experienced and trained teams operating in research, finance, logistics, execution and risk management. These teams provide accurate, timely support to the company’s trade and operating areas to enable agile and precise decision-making.

Our Heritage in Brazil

Present in the country for over 80 years, LDC has a long history of agricultural trading in Brazil



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