LDC in India

LDC established its presence in India in 1997. We have grown from a research center to become a leading agribusiness, working closely with Indian farmers and suppliers to originate, process and distribute their products.

About India

Approximately 70% of India’s rural households depend primarily on agriculture for their livelihood, as some 82% of farms are smallholdings.

India is the largest producer, consumer and importer of pulses in the world, and the second-largest producer of rice, wheat, sugarcane, cotton and groundnuts.

Although it is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of cotton, India also imports significant quantities of high-quality cotton, primarily from the US. Cotton exports to India from the US in 2018 were valued at about US$329 million.

India ranks fifth among top coffee producing countries in the world, after Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia and Indonesia. The country produces both Robusta and Arabica coffees, with a cup profile that enjoys a growing niche market worldwide.

Our Strengths in India

As a major agricultural player with a strong global presence, we leverage our diverse and widespread geographical footprint, both to bring Indian products to international markets and to supply India with international products.


  • Coffee – we manage an integrated coffee supply business, from farms to export destinations, and to major coffee brands in India
  • Grains – we are involved in wheat, corn, chickpea and barley trade flows, distributing to domestic and international markets
  • Cotton – we originate and merchandize cotton for local and international markets
  • Oilseeds – we merchandize oilseeds and oils, and operate an edible oil refinery in the country
  • Sugar – we originate and import raw sugar and bagged white sugar for domestic and international consumption

We build long-term partnerships with our business partners both up- and downstream, complementing rather than competing with them, and operating our business to global standards secures the trust of local stakeholders.

Our Assets

Our local asset network includes a coffee processing mill in Kushalnagar and a global research center for coffee, which supports the dissemination of sustainable agricultural practices to Vietnamese and Indonesian farmers, and helps them achieve 4C and UTZ certification.

We operate an edible oil refinery in Kandla, which processes palm and soybean oil from crude oil imports, with a daily processing capacity of 1,000 tons.

Our Cotton and Grains & Oilseeds Platforms also rely on well-established warehousing and logistics networks for optimal supply chain management.