IT@LDC – Supporting the Transformation

May 25, 2020

IT plays a key role at LDC – both in our daily business and in supporting the pursuit of our transformation and purpose as a company. How? By developing or enhancing agile solutions, operational productivity and reliability, business insights, and a more efficient and traceable business that creates fair and sustainable value – for ourselves and for our stakeholders.

Leveraging data to improve business decisions…

Data now outranks oil as the world’s most valuable resource – and no wonder! Data is key to understanding our business performance and how to improve it. Our IT teams work closely with commercial and functional teams to monitor output, efficiency and results, helping to improve decision-making.

… and to enhance trading performance

Data analysis is crucial to effective decision-making in trading. To anticipate and respond to a dynamic agricultural market, giving traders timely access to reliable market insights as the basis for informed decisions is a priority. We are exploring a number of avenues to enhance our analytical capabilities, both for historical and current data, for instance leveraging an online balance sheet.

Connecting with global partners…

We also use technology to build and reinforce relationships with farmers, allowing them to monitor shipment tickets and payments from any device, through our easy-to-use MyLDC web portal. As we gather data from regular use, we hope to enhance our service to farmers by providing relevant information customized to their business, such as market updates and climate forecasts.

…and standardizing processes

As a global organization, our teams work across multiple locations and areas of expertise. Robust technology helps us to standardize systems for smooth, consistent processes everywhere. An accountant in Bulgaria will work with the same tools as his peers in Uruguay. Execution teams in Geneva will work on the same platform as their colleagues in Singapore. And so on, ensuring efficiency and consistency across our regions.

Exploring and investing in new technologies…

We empower our teams to research and experiment with cutting-edge technologies that could improve the way we work – for instance Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, API and SAP S/4 Hana technologies, with potential to lead to automation, or to give teams across LDC new capacity to create and innovate in their respective areas of expertise.

… and contributing to more agile and traceable business

Much of the technological innovation at LDC takes place in our offices – but not all of it! We are leveraging technology to adapt faster to new business trends and stakeholder expectations, and innovating in our operations to serve farmers and customers better – for instance, using blockchain to make the supply chain of orange juice from Brazil to consumers in the Netherlands fully transparent.

Technology is woven into everything we do at LDC, from origination through to processing, trading and marketing. Our capacity to leverage new technologies has made our business increasingly efficient, collaborative and sustainable over almost 170 years, and it is still doing so today. But do not just take our word for it! Hear from our IT teams about the exciting initiatives they are working on and how they are helping to transform our organization.


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