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Senior Credit Risk Analyst
Asunción, Paraguay
“Although we all have a job title, we are always encouraged to go beyond that”

After completing a degree in industrial engineering, Alexia joined LDC in 2014 to work as a logistics analyst. She later enrolled in LDC’s graduate trainee program, spent 18 months working in Brazil and completed an executive MBA at a business school in Argentina.

Her willingness to push boundaries serves Alexia well in her current position as senior credit risk analyst, with responsibility for assessing the risk profile of LDC’s active counterparts in Paraguay. As she points out, this role requires good communication skills and the ability to adapt quickly to change:

“Every year and every crop is different and brings new challenges, so you must be willing to learn new ways of doing things.”

Outside of work, Alexia loves spending time with friends and family, and enjoys physical exercise - especially dance. In fact, she says one of her proudest recent achievements was successfully teaching her mother the steps to the Jerusalema Dance Challenge:

“After an hour of practice, she finally got it!”

Showing the same determination to improve professionally, Alexia cites the growth opportunities and friendly, supportive work atmosphere as the things she values most about working for LDC:

“I have always tried to push my boundaries and get out of my comfort zone, and I feel that LDC has really joined me on that journey.”

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