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Operations Manager, Oilseeds and Cotton
Karachi, Pakistan
“There is never a dull moment, and no two days are the same; each day brings a new challenge!”

As Operations Manager, Ehtesham is responsible for communicating with internal and external stakeholders, planning operational tasks and ensuring their timely execution.

Ehtesham has been with LDC under a year, and this is his first job in the agri-commodities sector, and so far he enjoys the company’s open, collegiate atmosphere and agile approach to business, pointing to the dynamic, ever-changing landscape of commodities trading as one of the major differences between his role at LDC and his previous work in manufacturing.

“However well-formed your ideas and plans,” he explains, “your performance is only as good as your ability to quickly change strategy when things do not go according to plan.”

Ehtesham says this fast-paced, challenging environment means that his role necessarily involves a degree of flexibility and independence. The autonomy to solve problems, as and when they arise, is what he relishes most about his position at LDC.

“What I enjoy most is the freedom I’m given in performing the role, and the challenging environment that makes me perform to the best of my abilities.”

Ehtesham's Little-Known Fact

“Ehte” to his friends, he has a passion for guitars and football, and enjoys playing with his young son. His biggest adventure in life was hiking across the mountains of Pakistan, travelling remote and wild routes in search of ‘the road less travelled’.

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