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Country Financial Controller for Ghana, Finance
Tema, Ghana
“I like understanding the story behind each number, and having the ability to anticipate.”

Fatime is an expert with numbers. But her role at LDC demands more than just the ability to put two and two together. Success in the commodities business requires precise analyses of past performance and accurate projections. Making financial estimates that closely match reality is her constant challenge, and her greatest source of job satisfaction.

Originally from Côte d’Ivoire, Fatime decided to move outside her comfort zone and pursue an international career. Relocating from a French-speaking country to build a career in English-speaking Ghana, she faced many challenges but also a host of new and varied experiences and fresh ideas.

After three years at LDC, Fatime still feels she is learning something every day, and attributes this to the dynamic nature of the business, and to the diverse people she works with.

“I like working with people from all over the world - Togolese, Ivorians, Ghanaians, South Africans, and so many more beyond Africa.”

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