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Regional Compensation & Benefits Manager, Human Resources
“You need to be adaptive and ready to work out of your comfort zone”

Muhammad has been extremely adaptive during his four years with LDC. During this time, he has worked in four different roles, supporting the HR function in three different countries.

Originally from Pakistan, after ten years in Australia, Muhammad says he considers himself Australian too. He is currently working on his ‘Singlish’ as he makes Singapore his new home.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is the variety that he finds in his work at LDC that also gives Muhammad the most job satisfaction. He likes the versatility his role demands, the fact that he is constantly being faced with new challenges and situations and the opportunities he finds to steer his career in the direction of his choice.

“LDC has its own unique culture and expects its employees to hit the ground running. It’s fast-paced and you are always given the opportunity to bring your ideas to the table and work on them.”

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