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International Execution Supervisor, Cotton
Memphis, US
“It has been a learning experience - and I am still learning”

By her own admission, when Shamika joined LDC some seven years ago she knew virtually nothing about the cotton industry. Now she is the person who trains newcomers to her department, a part of her job that gives her great satisfaction. Through her role, she also has the opportunity to visit other LDC offices and train their Execution teams, which she thoroughly enjoys.

A graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Shamika has continued to learn and grow professionally at LDC, making full use of the training programs and educational resources the company provides to employees to help them develop their skills. According to Shamika, LDC’s investment in its employees is one reason why she in turn is invested in the company.

She also enjoys the company of her co-workers, and how they work together as a team with other employees from offices around the globe.

Shamika describes her job as fast-paced and constantly changing, which she finds challenging. But, as she is quick to point out, she likes being challenged.

“I knew I wanted to work in an environment that challenged me and allowed me to gain the skills and expertise needed to be successful in my role. Working at LDC has definitely fulfilled this requirement."

Shamika's Little-Known Fact

She enjoys being a mentor to young girls on self-esteem and the importance of continuing their education.

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