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Responsible Supply Chain

Our unique position in the value chain creates both opportunities and challenges.

We cannot always control all origination sources or directly influence consumer demand. Nevertheless, our highly committed teams work continually to boost sustainability within their respective value chains, leveraging our leading position to promote the adoption of our sustainability policies and standards among suppliers.


After 30 years in the coffee business, our objective remains to support smallholder farmers in adopting sustainable agricultural practices, to ensure decent livelihoods and enable future generations to continue to enjoy high-quality coffee.

Program for Sustainable Agriculture

Established in 2019, our Program for Sustainable Agriculture aims to contribute to the dissemination and adoption of sustainable practices in the agricultural production of commodities purchased and commercialized by LDC.

Providing a frame for the implementation of requirements related to human rights, workers’ health and safety, labor relations, environmental protection, agricultural practices, land use and community relations, it is a voluntary program for agricultural producers and other product chain of custody partners wishing to be part of our sustainable agricultural value chain.

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