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Volunteering Around the World at LDC

May 31, 2019

Finding fair and sustainable solutions to support those in need in communities where our employees live and work is important to us, and part of our responsibility as a global company active in over 100 countries.

Joining in the spirit of Volunteers’ Week 2019, we are proud to celebrate our people’s engagement in various worthy programs, causes and initiatives to improve the overall well-being of local communities around the world.

From the Americas to Asia and EMEA, our colleagues show their true colors year round by putting their time and effort at the service of causes close to their hearts.

Take a moment to discover some of their recent community projects, which show how we can all make a difference:

You can also watch our colleagues in action, as they helped build emergency homes in Uruguay for families in need:

Be it through safety, health and environmental (SHE) programs as part of our SHE commitment, fundraising, educational projects, or assistance to those in need, we are proud of how our people are helping their communities sustain themselves and contributing to a true social impact.


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