Strong Earnings

The Coffee Platform registered one of the highest levels of earnings before tax in its history, with a good balance across revenue streams and most regions delivering above targets.

Global Sales Growth

We continued to expand into new sales markets, notably in China. Along with record sales volumes into North America, this drove a 35% year-on-year growth in global sales volumes.

Investment Downstream

We invested further downstream, boosting our Zephyr specialty coffee brand to a five-year sales high and setting up an instant coffee trading unit that booked its first business in 2020.

Ben Clarkson
Head of Coffee

We are committed to responsible coffee sourcing globally, by investing in the development and livelihood of the farming communities whose resilience is the key to a sustainable future of coffee.

More Coffee Highlights

We continued working with roaster partners and non-profit organizations on 15 coffee sustainability initiatives promoting good agricultural practices, agroforestry and conservation among farming communities. These have benefited 36,000 people to date, since 2015.

We strengthened our edge in trading by modernizing our research activities with a new data science platform and interface, supporting analysis streams and introducing new automation capabilities.

LDC Logistics Vietnam coffee warehouse in Binh Duong province is now our largest coffee asset, reinforcing our capacity to offer global customers comprehensive logistics solutions.

We developed a joint venture distribution operation in China with Kunshan Yiguo, which gives us access to almost 800 domestic Chinese coffee company customers.

Top 5

green coffee merchant globally


year-on-year growth in global sales volumes


facility area at LDC Logistics Vietnam warehouse

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