North Asia

High Earnings

Despite the impact of Covid-19 and continued US-China trade tensions, the Region delivered a very strong performance in 2020, achieving record earnings before tax.

Grains & Oilseeds Success

Grains & Oilseeds had a particularly successful year, securing new trade flows and capturing good processing margins, supported by restored demand from the livestock breeding industry.

New Food Industrial Park

LDC signed an agreement with several Chinese partners to build a food industrial park in Nansha, Guangzhou, for feed protein processing, high-tech ecological aquaculture, grains trading, food innovation, plant-based clean energy production and other activities.

Jerrity Chen
Head of North Asia

“As the first Region to be impacted by Covid-19, North Asia developed safety and hygiene measures that became the basis for global measures to protect workers while ensuring business continuity across LDC, to keep essential food and feed chains moving during the pandemic.”

More Regional Highlights

We signed an agreement with River & Ocean Cereals and Oils Jiangsu, to build and operate an additional oilseeds crushing facility in Zhangjiagang, doubling our capacity to supply soybean meal and refined vegetable oils to eastern China.

As part of our strategy to move downstream, we launched new olive, rice and flaxseed cooking oils under our Mastergold brand to meet Chinese consumer demand for high-quality edible oils.

We also began distributing our Mastergold cooking oil products via leading e-commerce channels, including JD, Alibaba, Pinduoduo, Taobao, and WeChat Shop.

We worked with Ping An Group to train employees at Grains & Oilseed facilities to use new technologies, including spatial modelling, thermal imaging and unmanned aerial vehicles, for greater efficiency and workplace safety.

Partnering with the Louis Dreyfus Foundation and China Education Support Project, we trained 106 university students in sustainable agricultural practices, who passed on their newfound knowledge to over 550 smallholder farmers.

Following a customer service study, we reinforced support to key customers through enhanced risk management services, such as structured pricing products for basis contracts, and added-value services, including preferential financing.

Despite a challenging global macro environment, we continued to grow our relationship with Chinese banks, working together across an enlarged range of banking products.

No 1

supplier of Ukrainian corn to China


site area of future oilseeds crushing facility in Zhangjiagang


students and over 550 smallholder farmers trained in sustainable agriculture

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