Key Themes


In 2020, LDC continued to embrace innovation to drive new business, operational efficiency, workplace safety and supply chain sustainability, in line with our entrepreneurial heritage and transformational strategy. 

In response to rapidly changing business conditions, we leveraged agile technologies and processes to develop new commercial systems that improved our ability to deliver for customers.

We invested further in business intelligence dashboards and research capabilities, advancing our journey to reinforce our trading activities and decisions through data science.

Our new eco-efficient fleet for the transportation of citrus juices and by-products increased shipping capacity, decreased fuel consumption and reduced emissions. 

And in our industrial assets, state-of-the-art machinery drove operational performance improvements, while cutting-edge technology supported and enhanced workplace safety.

Meanwhile, our business teams utilized new technologies, including blockchain, drones and satellite imaging, to trace products back to the farm and monitor areas of concern, such as deforestation.

Recognizing the vital role innovation is set to play in meeting the ever-growing demand for safe, nutritious and sustainable food, we also launched LDC Innovations. Thiscorporate venture capital programseeks to invest in early-stage companies exploring technology-enabled innovation with the potential to transform the food, feed and agricultural industries. 

LDC Innovations made its first investment in October, participating in the series D funding round of Benson Hill, a US company that combines data science and machine learning with biology and genetics to create healthier and more sustainable food and ingredient options. 

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