Key Themes

Strategic Partnerships

In 2020, we continued to form alliances in the pursuit of our strategy to move downstream, diversify revenue through value-added products, and leverage new technologies and innovations with the potential to transform food and agricultural production. 

From a food industrial park joint venture in China and an aquatic feed research partnership in Southeast Asia, to global multi-stakeholder initiatives working toward more sustainable shipping, we joined forces with like-minded partners whose complementary capabilities can multiply our impact and accelerate the drive toward common goals.

In November, we formed an important strategic partnership with ADQ, a large holding company based in Abu Dhabi with a common vision for LDC’s future. 

Subject to closing in 2021, the transaction will bring ADQ into our shareholder group as long-term partners and investors, and includes a commercial supply agreement for the sale of agri-commodities to the United Arab Emirates. 

The investment potential created by this partnership will accelerate the pursuit of our transformative growth strategy, building on LDC’s strong performance in 2020.

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