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Plant Manager, Grains & Oilseeds
Yorkton, Canada
“LDC is a global company with local culture”

Amit’s first job with LDC was in our refining plant in Kandla, India - the country of his birth. His initial task was to assemble the plant team, so Amit is proud to say that he was the refinery’s very first employee!

He was subsequently assigned to help with the establishment of our refinery in Balikpapan, Indonesia. This one-month assignment turned into a year-long adventure, and when he spotted the vacancy for assistant plant manager at our new facility in Yorkton, Canada, Amit didn’t hesitate to apply.

His first test was the massive change in temperature - from +45 ºC in Kandla to -45 ºC in Yorkton. The second was learning to drive in snow, which he’d never seen before. Amit rose to both challenges and within a year was promoted to plant manager at Yorkton, his current position.

However, with Amit’s appetite for adventure and the opportunities available at LDC, it seems likely that his journey is not yet over…

“I still see every day as a new opportunity to learn and improve personally and keep preparing myself for future assignments in the company.”

Amit's Little-Known Fact

Amit claims to be good at two separate, but possibly related, things: dealing with people and being hard to get money from!

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