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Utilities Manager, Sugar
Port Wentworth, US
“I enjoy working with the people in my department to come up with creative solutions to unique problems”

Andrew grew up in a farm in Kansas, and always thought he would work in agriculture or the food industry. But he admits he never thought he would end up working at a sugar refinery.

Like many of our employees, Andrew came to LDC through one of our graduate trainee programs. He has been with LDC for five and a half years, and during this relatively short time has had different roles in three separate locations in the US: our ethanol plant in Norfolk, our grains export facility in Port Allen and our sugar refinery at Port Wentworth.

His current job as Utilities Manager at Port Wentworth means he has responsibility for the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the Power House that supplies the refinery with steam and electricity.

It is a job not without challenges. If there is ever any trouble, Andrew and his team have to come up with solutions to get the facility back online in a safe and effective manner. They have to move fast, efficiently and at times, with 'out of the box' thinking.

But it is exactly this creative problem-solving that gives Andrew most job satisfaction.

“You need to be able to persevere through tough situations and setbacks. When making decisions, don’t let fear of failure hinder you from taking action.”

Andrew's Little-Known Fact

Andrew has a passion for cooking, and his signature dish is fresh homemade pasta

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