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LDC and A Todo Pulmón run environmental workshops for more than 200 children and youngsters

LDC and A Todo Pulmón run environmental workshops for more than 200 children and youngsters
Published: Jul 06, 2021

Asunción, Paraguay, July 6, 2021 – As part of a recent alliance, Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) and A Todo Pulmón Paraguay Respira (A Todo Pulmón) organized environmental workshops that reached more than 200 students and 30 teachers from public schools in Paraguay on June 28 and 29, concluding a series of joint environmental initiatives over the past four months.

With a focus on underlining the importance of preserving trees and building awareness of their key function in oxygen production and CO2 sequestration, the workshops took place in two educational institutions located close to LDC’s facilities: Escuela Básica N° 1,095 Nuestra Señora del Rosario, in the city of Coronel Oviedo, and Colegio Técnico Departamental, in the town of Villeta.

“These workshops aimed to increase social awareness on environmental issues in one of the most relevant social groups: the educational community. The objective is to educate children and youngsters about the importance of planting trees, caring for natural resources and  advocating for good practices in their community,” said Manuel Brítez, LDC’s Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Coordinator in Paraguay.

After the workshops, a tree was planted at each school and a seedling was given to each student to plant at home, along with other educational materials to deepen their knowledge.

The workshops concluded the series of actions in the framework of this alliance between LDC and A Todo Pulmón, formed in March in the context of LDC’s annual SHE Day, with the purpose of acting for the environment and reinforcing an environmentally-friendly culture for the benefit of current and future generations. Other activities as part of the alliance included seedling donations to LDC employees, and two group tree-planting efforts in Curuguaty and Pozuelo that jointly planted 1,680 trees supporting local biodiversity.

“It is an honor to have worked alongside LDC on these activities, engaging the company’s employees and neighboring communities, transmitting the importance of planting and preserving trees, and thus contributing to greater environmental awareness in our society,” said Víctor Ibarrola, Executive Director of A Todo Pulmón.

This initiative is part of LDC’s global commitment to sustainable development, outlined in the company’s recently published 2020 Sustainability Report.


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