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LDC in Argentina

LDC has a long history of agricultural trading in Argentina, with a permanent presence in the country for over 120 years. Active in Cotton, Grains & Oilseeds, we have a fully integrated supply chain in the country’s main producing areas.

Our Operations

LDC began operating in Argentina in 1897, and has grown to be one of the country’s largest companies.

Today we merchandize grains, cotton, oilseeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals and seeds, and offer financial and logistics solutions to Argentine producers, supported by an extensive network of strategically located assets and ports, as well as highly qualified commercial teams.

In 2005, we increased our presence in the country’s main agricultural areas to enhance soybean origination for our crushing plants in Santa Fe, and moving closer to local farmers.

We directly employ more than 1300 people in Argentina, and generate thousands more indirect jobs throughout the country.

Our Assets

Since 2004, we have invested in port infrastructure, logistics and industrial assets, and now have a network of storage assets in 19 locations.

  • General Lagos is the second largest private port in Argentina, shipping more than five million tons of goods annually
  • Timbúes is one of the most modern crushing plants in Argentina, processing over four million metric tons of oilseeds per year
  • Bahía Blanca is a deep-water port with a grains storage and elevator warehouse, with a storage capacity of approximately 120,000 tons

Our General Lagos industrial complex has two soybean crushing lines for the production of oil and meal, with annual crushing capacity of 2.5 million tons.

It also has two production lines to process soybean oil for biodiesel, with annual production capacity of 600,000 tons. This makes it the largest soy-based biodiesel processing plant in the world, and positions LDC as the main national producer and exporter of biodiesel.

General Lagos also has annual capacity to produce 30,000 tons of lecithin and 60,000 tons of glycerin.