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How do you take it? Black? White with six sugars? With ice and tonic? However it is served, coffee is the world’s most popular drink. From flat whites to skinny lattes, from iced cappuccinos to double espressos, over two billion cups of coffee are drunk every day.

LDC has been in the coffee business for over 30 years. We deal in all major Arabica and Robusta coffee qualities, serving a diverse range of customers across the globe, from specialty roasters to multinational food companies.

LDC coffee beans have been used by our customers for over 30 years

Invested in Coffee Sustainability

As a leading global merchant of green coffee, LDC is well-positioned and equipped to help coffee farmers in addressing the challenges they face to make their production more sustainable and profitable. Our coffee sustainability strategy takes a holistic approach built on four complementary pillars:

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