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Celebrating 10 years in Paranavaí

May 23, 2022

In 1986, a group of rural producers in Paranavaí (PR), organized in cooperatives, decided to bet on citriculture in the region, a business that was booming in Brazil’s state of São Paulo.

About eight years after planting their citrus groves, a juice factory was inaugurated. As time passed, its name changed, it was expanded, it stopped being a cooperative and it became a joint stock company.

Then, in 2012, our legacy at the site began when LDC acquired the facility, planting its flag on Paranavaí soil.

Thanks to our local team – some 150 people who continue to shape this story every day – the site has seen important milestones over the past 10 years.

Over 1,544 days without lost time accidents since four years … and counting!Top product quality audit results for two years running
… and reaching for the third!
Ongoing initiatives for increasingly sustainable operations
… as with our new Effluent Treatment Station.

These milestones support our strong customer relationships, as we work to develop new products that meet evolving needs, as well as our trusted relationships with fruit suppliers and other local partners, reflecting LDC’s commitment to the region.

None of these achievements would be possible without our dedicated, passionate and professional team… Thank you #TeamLDC – #ProudtobeLDC in Paranavaí!

Find out more about our business in Brazil, as we continue to grow with the country.


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