Louis Dreyfus Company Introduces Its New Fresh Fruit Juice Brand, Montebelo Brasil, Exclusively to the French Market

Louis Dreyfus Company Introduces Its New Fresh Fruit Juice Brand, Montebelo Brasil, Exclusively to the French Market
Published: Mar 12, 2024

Paris, France, March 12, 2024 – Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) announced today the exclusive launch in the French market of its new fresh fruit juice brand, Montebelo Brasil, in collaboration with Laiterie de Saint-Denis-de-l’Hôtel (LSDH) for commercialization, bottling and distribution. This initiative aims to establish Montebelo Brasil as a market reference among fresh (or chilled) fruit juices in France, while ensuring traceability of oranges, from Brazilian groves to selected retail shelves.

Inspired by its eponymous Brazilian plantation, certified by the Rainforest Alliance, the development of the Montebelo Brasil brandis part of LDC’s strategic vision to extend its reach further downstream in the value chain, while offering distribution solutions to its customers and partners. It also reflects LDC’s focus to further diversify its Juice Platform portfolio with sustainable, traceable and high-quality products directly to end consumers.

“Our ambition for this project is twofold: to offer a 100% natural product while ensuring traceability of the oranges, thereby establishing a connection between LDC as citrus producer in Brazil and the end consumer. Our commitment also addresses the demands of increasingly discerning consumers who are concerned about the origin and journey of the products they consume,” said Aurélien Grisval, Head of Downstream Market for Juice, LDC.

The Montebelo Brasil line includes eight fresh fruit juices:

  • Two pure orange juices (with and without pulp);
  • Two lemonades (yellow lemon, and a blend of yellow and green lemon); and
  • The following product range developed in collaboration with renowned Brazilian chef Tabata Mey:
    • Pure mango, pineapple and lime juice;
    • Coconut water, mango, pineapple, lime pure juice;
    • Orange, maracuja, lime nectar ; and
    • A lime maté beverage.

“We are proud to launch this new brand, which embodies our expertise as a global agricultural merchant dedicated to serving our customers, and our commitments as a responsible citrus grower in Brazil for over 35 years,” said Georges-Edouard Duriez, Head of Development and Strategy for Juice, LDC.

France was a natural choice for the brand launch, with its dynamic retail juice market that, per capita consumption, ranks second globally, with approximately 1.1 billion liters consumed annually, and for the opportunities offered by the chilled juice category in terms of value.

“Beyond the clear commercial opportunities, this launch in France, birthplace of the Group and homeland of its founder, Léopold Louis-Dreyfus, has profound significance for LDC. Making this launch a success will be a wonderful way to honor this legacy,” concluded Georges-Edouard Duriez.

Montebelo Brasil fruit juices are already available throughout France at Monoprix stores and Carrefour hyper and supermarkets in 1-liter and 250-milliliter bottles, and will soon be available at over 2,000 other outlets.  

For more information, please visit: www.montebelobrasil.com  


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