Who We Are

Business Lines

Supported by its Freight and Global Markets platforms, LDC operates five business lines in the US: Coffee, Cotton, Grains & Oilseeds, Juice and Sugar


We focus on customizing coffee grades, delivery specifications and financing structures to match the evolving needs of our customers

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As one of the world’s largest cotton merchandizers, we source from all major US production areas and distribute cotton around the world

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We offer global shipping, logistics and risk management expertise to our internal and third party customers

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Global Markets

Our market risk management and structured trade finance activities support our other businesses

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Grains & Oilseeds

We originate, store, process, merchandize and export US grains and soybeans to global markets, through our network of modern logistic, processing and export facilities in the country

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We originate, process and merchandize orange, lemon, lime, apple and citrus by-products

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We originate, refine, merchandize and transport raw sugar, mainly from Brazil and Central America, operating in the bulk, bagged and retail markets

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