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Innovation for Operational Excellence: Spotlight on Our New Global Monitoring Center 

July 1, 2024

On any given day, and especially during peak harvest seasons, LDC’s facilities around the globe handle huge volumes of products, including tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of deliveries and shipments by truck, barge, rail or marine vessels – all managed by our dedicated operational teams at each site.  

Managing the complexities of large-scale industrial operations such as ours requires rigorous oversight to ensure security, safety and efficiency. That’s why we’ve transformed a regional operations and monitoring center in Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina, into a new global monitoring center equipped to oversee over 100 LDC facilities across 14 countries – and growing! 

Empowering Global Operations Through Enhanced Digital Monitoring 

The new center is a testament to LDC’s commitment to lever digitalization for operational excellence.  

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies and advanced video surveillance relying on over 3,000 video cameras at LDC sites worldwide, the center enhances security, optimizes processes and facilitates detailed incident analyses at major logistic and processing sites by identifying potential risks, preventing unauthorized accesses and ensuring swift emergency responses.   

By allowing real-time, multi-facility monitoring, the center sets a new standard for operational security with a proactive approach that protects our teams and secures our sites, but also enhances operational efficiency by reducing response times and ensuring availability of essential resources. 

The expanded center was recently inaugurated by senior LDC leaders, including our Group COO and Head of Latin America, Juan José Blanchard, who expressed his pride in the work of our local teams on this initiative:  

“This development not only enhances security at many of our facilities but also the efficiency of our operational workflows, enabled by innovative technologies, reflecting our ongoing efforts to reinforce LDC’s ‘safety first’ and proactive risk management culture,” he said. 

Looking ahead, the center will continue to extend its reach to even more LDC facilities across Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Zambia and the US. 

“With our expert teams focused on continuous improvement, we are poised to further elevate security and efficiency at LDC sites worldwide, as part of our ongoing drive for operational excellence across our activities,” added Juan José Blanchard.   


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