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Head of South & Southeast Asia
“Not many businesses can offer such versatility”

Originally from Brazil, Rubens is now Head of South and South-east Asia Region, where LDC has a thriving presence. Strategic thinking is an important element of his role, as he looks to establish new business partnerships and seek out opportunities to tap into the region's fast-growing businesses.

Rubens admits that he is a challenge-driven person, and enjoys the complexities of running a large operation in a dynamic environment. And he sees opportunities at LDC for others to develop quickly.

Rubens thinks that what is unique about LDC is the platform it provides for young and raw talents to prove themselves and fast-track their careers. Does he have any advice for such aspiring talents?

“I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all profile; different jobs and even geographies require a different set of skills. But surely a good amount of resilience, adaptability, lateral thinking and interpersonal skills can cut across most jobs in helping you grow in this business.”

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