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China and Louis Dreyfus Company: A History of Partnership

The company’s story started in 1851, when Léopold Louis-Dreyfus, the son of a farmer, entered the France-Switzerland grain trade. The company conducted its first trade with China in 1973, and today has a very strong, well-established presence in the country.

Arrival in China

We have been at the forefront of global trade with China since our first cotton trade in 1973, when we became the first foreign merchandizing company to buy and sell agricultural products in the country.


First Steps in Cotton

Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) starts to do business with China, becoming the first foreign company to import cotton to the country.

Establishing Our Presence

LDC establishes its first office in Shanghai, in 1994, followed the next year by a representative office in Beijing, to establish lasting relationships with many major state-owned enterprises responsible for the procurement and commercialization of agricultural commodities.

Entering the Sugar Market

LDC enters the Chinese sugar market, positioning the company as a leader in raw and white sugar trading with a presence across the value chain.

Business Expansion

Rising to new challenges has always been part of the company’s history. The early years of the 21st century in China were marked by entry into new businesses, as well as a growing presence throughout the country.


Domestic Trading Opportunities

Following China’s accession to the World Trade Organization, LDC becomes the first foreign company to establish a Wholly Foreign Owned Entity (WFOE) in the country’s agricultural sector, opening up domestic trading opportunities and marking the beginning of an era of participation and expansion in China’s domestic trade flows.

A New Chapter

Our industrial footprint continues to grow, as we invest in assets to deliver products that meet the growing needs of our customers, and seek to leverage innovative solutions and technologies to help feed a growing population for the long-term.


New Capacity in Oilseeds

LDC acquires an oilseeds processing facility in Tianjin, reinforcing our capacity to process protein-rich soybeans and produce refined soybean oil, as part of our commitment to grow with China by providing high quality products that address the changing needs of its growing population.

Joint Venture in Aqua Feed

We partner with Guangdong HAID Group to develop a high-end aqua feed mill, also in Tianjin, combining soy crushing and feed production in one location. The facility will help meet growing demand for aquaculture as a healthy meat alternative, and for other protein-based food ingredients.

Moving Downstream

LDC introduces three cooking oil brands to the Chinese business to business (B2B) market and launches our first high-end consumer cooking oil brand in China, Mastergold.