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Louis Dreyfus Company Underlines Commitment to Chinese Market Through Agreements Signed at CIIE

Louis Dreyfus Company Underlines Commitment to Chinese Market Through Agreements Signed at CIIE
Published: Nov 06, 2020

Beijing, China, November 6, 2020 – Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) made its mark at the third China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, signing new agreements with long-standing Chinese partners with value exceeding US$2.4 billion (RMB15.9 billion), to bring high-quality agricultural products to the country.

“CIIE 2020 is a new occasion to demonstrate LDC’s commitment to the Chinese market, as a company rooted in China for almost 50 years,” said Michael Gelchie, LDC’s Group CEO. “We are very pleased to see China’s economic resilience despite the challenges of Covid-19, and CIIE creates new opportunities for open dialogue and enhanced understanding toward increased international economic and trade cooperation.”

Participating for the third consecutive year, LDC is showcasing a diverse range of responsibly sourced and produced food and agricultural products at CIIE, from soybeans, corn and sugar, to packaged cooking oils, citrus juices and coffee.

“The “dual circulation” economic strategy laid out by President Xi Jinping represents an unprecedented opportunity for LDC. We are committed to leveraging our global presence and working with partners in China to provide more diversified agricultural import sources, and build safe, fair and sustainable supply chains that meet the evolving needs of China’s 1.4 billion consumers,” said James Zhou, Head of Asia and Chief Commercial Officer for the Group.

At CIIE 2019, LDC launched its new packaged oil brand, Mastergold, to bring high-quality, nutritious cooking oils to Chinese families. At this year’s event, LDC presents new Mastergold products such as rice oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil and others, to meet Chinese consumers’ demand for high-end, healthy edible oils.

“CIIE significantly boosted our new product launch efforts in 2019, and we achieved very good sales performance since then,” said Jerrity Chen, Head of North Asia at LDC. “As one of the longest-standing foreign investors in China, we are very pleased and proud to present our new product line at CIIE 2020, as well as our progress toward more integrated, transparent and traceable supply chains, moving closer to Chinese consumers and responding to their needs and expectations.”

As a leading global merchant and processor of agricultural products, LDC has been at the forefront of global trade with China since its first cotton trade in 1973. In 2020, the company continued to drive food and feed chain development in the country through collaboration with Chinese partners, signing new agreements in Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places.


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