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We nurture and invest in ambitious graduate talents, helping them to become LDC’s next generation of business leaders.

Each of our graduate programs has a rotation structure that gives trainees meaningful exposure to new people and projects in different business areas.

We support our trainees at each step of the way, through a combination of structured training, informal on-the-job learning, regular check-ins and inspiring coaches. They experience different areas of our business and participate in a variety of projects, building the skills and expertise they will need for a challenging and exciting career at LDC.

Trainees who demonstrate high potential and are geographically mobile can also fast track their careers through a more diversified exposure to our markets.

Is LDC Right for You?

At LDC, we believe our people share certain qualities that are key to our collective success.

Our people are our most important asset, and we look for outstanding graduates with personal drive, determination and a motivation to join LDC.

We also seek specific knowledge and skills, relevant to the type of program for which a graduate applies.

The most successful trainees are highly flexible and willing to adapt to new situations and locations.

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