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A day in the life at LDC

We employ talented people from across the world who bring an array of qualifications and experience to our business. Learn more about their stories.

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Junior Agronomist, Coffee Platform

Kampala, Uganda


Sustainability Manager, Coffee Platform

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Solution Manager, IT Integration Lead

Shanghai, China


Solution Manager, Business Intelligence

Shanghai, China

Sebastien H.

Senior Project Manager, Cybersecurity & Risk

Lyon, France


Project Manager, Digital Innovation

Lyon, France

Diversity Matters, Across all Corners of our Business

As a global business, we believe that diversity brings out the best in us.

By bringing together diverse people from different backgrounds, we introduce fresh ideas and distinct perspectives that help us innovate, manage risk and grow the business in a sustainable way.

That’s why we want to make every aspect of working at LDC welcoming to every profile of talented person who might join us.

Diversity at LDC