Life at LDC

Making a Difference

Since 1851, our mission has been to bring the right product to the right location, at the right time.

The world’s population is expected to exceed nine billion people by 2050, and yet food and other essential resources will be in shorter supply. Our vital role in securing food supply in a changing world will continue to be as important as ever, and our commitment to sustainability and innovation will be crucial in fulfilling that role.

Growing with Communities

As we grow our activities and operations around the world, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with local communities, developing programs and initiatives that help to address key challenges and meet a wide variety of needs, respecting their cultural and social context, and working to ensure their resilience and wellbeing.

We cooperate with farmers directly, but also with governments and many expert organizations, to establish food security programs, improve labor conditions in local supply chains, and promote sustainable agricultural methods for greater productivity and profitability.

Strength Through Inclusion

Comprising more than 80 nationalities, and with activities in over 100 countries, ours is a truly multicultural company.

The rich diversity of our people, who bring a multitude of different experiences and perspectives, contributes to our capacity to address global challenges through innovation.

We welcome and respect new ideas, encouraging employees in every part of our business to share their thoughts on how we can make a positive difference in any aspect of our activities.

Rewarding Initiative

We are a multinational company with the agility to act decisively on opportunities when they arise. This means we encourage our people to take the leave in driving our business forward.

Our employee culture is centered around entrepreneurship, meritocracy and accountability, rewarding people who show initiative and creativity, balanced by sound judgement to take measured risks.

In addition to helping all our people to reach their fullest potential, we also identify our top talents and invest in their accelerated development, through our global talent management program.


LDC ensures that its remuneration processes and policies reflect its meritocratic approach, rewarding strong performance and achievement.

LDC recognizes pay-for-performance to drive fixed and variable compensation with a total reward approach, considering all aspects of rewards. Variable components may include an annual merit bonus or productivity bonuses. In some specific locations, the total reward package may include payment in kind as per local and legal practices.

Living Income and Living Wage

LDC is committed to paying workers fairly in order to guarantee a proper living income in all locations taking into consideration local legislations.

To ensure fair compensation, LDC takes several steps such as internal clustering of positions to ensure correct classification of workers, multi-sourcing of market data, creation of internal pay structures, annual review of market competitiveness in order to build fair, competitive and pay-for-performance total reward package in each location. In all countries where trade unions are present, LDC has collective bargaining agreements that outline the terms and conditions of employment such as wages, benefits and working conditions.

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