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Career Development

The continual development of our people is essential to LDC’s future success.

Recognizing that their professional growth helps to guarantee the sustainability of our organization, we offer our people opportunities to learn and expand their horizons, supporting them to become confident individuals, collaborative team players, skilled managers and inspiring leaders, ready to thrive in our dynamic industry.

We give employees the tools and opportunities they need to develop to their fullest potential

At LDC, we help our people to expand their skills through ongoing performance and development discussions, ensuring every individual receives feedback and support to grow. We strive in particular to provide our people with the coaching and educational resources they need to prepare for new leadership challenges.

As well as creating a culture of constant learning and exploration, we offer tailored training programs that allow employees to develop further in their area of expertise.

Our Academies

In addition to technical and on-the-job learning, we support the professional growth of our trading talents and future leaders through two key programs.

LDC’s Trading Academy aims to equip our trading talents with the core expertise that has made us successful over time.

The curriculum is built around two main programs. The Trading Essentials program provides junior traders with fundamental skills and knowledge to work in our business, while the Trading Advanced program is tailored to more senior traders, aiming to strengthen their capacity to build our business and advance their careers.

The Trading Academy also helps participants to understand LDC’s unique culture and approach to business. Most courses are led by LDC’s own senior leaders and subject matter experts, which ensures the program reflects the constant evolution of our business.

LDC’s bespoke Leadership Academy programs are especially designed to support our managers and senior leaders in their growth as leaders.

Aiming to guide leaders as their managerial roles evolve, the programs cover a wide range of topics and challenges specific to each step of the leadership ladder.

From the fundamentals of people management to strategic leadership, the highly experiential curriculum explores scenarios from our real business context, with embedded coaching and team practice.

The objective is to develop the skills and mindset that make for an outstanding leadership culture, with reference to both LDC’s identity and the realities of our industry.

Leadership Academy programs are global, and count on the participation and sponsorship of LDC’s Senior Executives.


The Trading Academy is a great opportunity to meet other young colleagues and learn directly from management. The active sessions with people from various cultures and areas of the business helped me to think outside the box and apply better practices in my day-to-day work.

Hester Jia
Junior Trader
Beijing, China

The Trading Academy is an important step in the career development of a junior trader at LDC. The course gives you a unique opportunity to learn from inspiring senior leaders and understand the company’s trading DNA. It’s also a chance to meet your peers from all over the world – LDC’s next generation!

Etienne Castera
Junior Trader
Geneva, Switzerland

LDC is committed to supporting the growth of employees at all levels, but that is especially the case among the next generation. Programs like the Trading Academy help to build great interpersonal skills and support overall career evolution at the company.

Patrick Molloy
Trader Trainee
Wilton, CT, US

With LDC’s global reach, programs like the Trading Academy enable young talents to understand the larger implications of business decisions at an early stage, while encouraging entrepreneurship and personal development. With myriad platforms spread across multiple countries, one always find the “right” place and role in the company.

Swapnil Kumar
Junior Analyst

I especially enjoyed the part of the course focused on understanding why, how and what we act on in different types of market structure we are faced with in our day-to-day.

Miki Cheng
Junior Trader

The Trading Academy was a great opportunity to learn the basics of trading and share experiences with other colleagues working in different platforms around the world. The courses were led by our senior leaders, which showed the company’s commitment to the next generation.

Gonzalo Lascombes

The Academy provided insight into how we place sustainability at the forefront of daily business decisions and highlighted LDC’s commitments to fair labor practices, product traceability, supply chain transparency, and partnerships with farmers and suppliers.

Kaitlin Farren
Trainee Trader

LDC’s Graduate Program gave me the opportunity to work in many different areas of the business and further develop my negotiation and problem-solving skills. If you have a thirst for knowledge, this is an amazing opportunity to dream bigger and better define your future career.

Gabriel Sachett
Internal Control Supervisor
Memphis, TN, US

I joined LDC as an Industrial Trainee on the Oilseeds Platform, based in Goiás, Brazil. Through the Graduate Program, I was able to learn more about the Platforms, identify what was the best fit for me within the business and meet colleagues from across the company, including our CEO, who were always willing to explain their area of expertise.

Lincoln Gonzaga Machado Pena
Operations Processes Coordinator
Goiás, Brazil

It was an amazing experience to see how much senior management really believes in us. Being exposed to these leaders throughout the entire Graduate Program was very conducive to our development, as well as the level of independence and autonomy we were given to solve each challenging project.

Heloá donda Fernandes da Silva
Fertilizer Industrial Operations Manager
Itumbiara, Brazil

When you learn about the different areas of the business in LDC’s Graduate Program, you start to understand your own importance and the impact of your work, enabling you to identify where you want to go and what you want to achieve. It was through this understanding, and with the help of my managers, that I am able to develop myself and create a solid foundation to build on for the rest of my career.

Brenno Queiroz
Logistics Project Planning Manager
São Paulo, Brazil

My experience with LDC’s Graduate Program has taught me to always be humble and curious to learn. The management aspect of the program showed me that, even though LDC is always looking to increase production, sustainability remains the top priority in every step of the value chain.

Rodrigo Manzini Dreibi
Regional Agricultural Manager
Bebedouro, Brazil

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