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LDC is driven by a set of shared values and high ethical standards

To become a part of LDC is to understand and share our values – the source of our distinctiveness and strength. Our leaders aim to lead by example and employees are expected to uphold our values in everything they do on behalf of the company.


As a global business that employs and works with thousands of people worldwide, respect for diversity in all its forms is part of our DNA. We strive for inclusion in everything we do, encouraging open and respectful communication among our employees and with the local communities where we are present.


Our growth and success are driven by our entrepreneurial spirit. We empower our people to create and innovate as we build toward the future, balancing individual initiative with informed, measured judgement and controlled decision-making.


We are committed to our customers, placing them at the center of everything we do. We are committed to our people, investing in them as our most valuable asset. We are committed to our partners, working alongside them to reap the collective rewards of responsible business. And we are committed to protecting our environment, respecting our planet’s finite resources.


As a global leader in our industry, we recognize our responsibility to foster long-term stability and growth, and to do business with integrity. Determined to lead by example, we continuously strive to stretch ourselves, learning from others and always challenging ourselves to improve.

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