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Initial Construction Phase Concludes at Joint Venture Fuling Food Industrial Park in Guangzhou, China

Initial Construction Phase Concludes at Joint Venture Fuling Food Industrial Park in Guangzhou, China
Published: Sep 27, 2023

Guangzhou, China, September 27, 2023 – Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), Donlink Holding Group (Donlink), and Guangdong HAID Group (HAID) celebrate today the completion of the first phase of construction of their new, 180,000m2 food industrial park in Nansha, Guangzhou, China, operated by their joint venture, Fuling Food Technology Co. Ltd., established in 2020.

Strategically located at the center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Fuling Food Industrial Park comprises a feed protein mill with annual soy processing capacity of 1,800,000 tons, a vegetable oil refining mill with annual production capacity of 360,000 tons, and a high-end cooking oil production line with annual bottling capacity of 240,000 tons. The site also includes a packaged cooking oil warehouse, a lecithin production line, soybean oil tanks and a soybean meal warehouse.

Thanks to cutting-edge equipment and technologies, the facilities will help to secure food, feed and ingredient supply chains to serve the needs of China’s growing population, with a focus on developing and producing plant-based food products and ingredients that meet consumer demand for safe, high-quality and nutritious products.

In line with the venture partners’ commitment to minimizing environmental impacts from energy consumption, the facility has also signed a green power purchase agreement to use 100% green electricity from the first day of production.

“LDC is committed to meeting growing demand from China’s large and growing consumer market in a safe and responsible manner, in line with our company purpose to create fair and sustainable value for the benefit of current and future generations,” said Jerrity Chen, Chairman of Fuling Food Technology Co., Ltd. and Head of North Asia at LDC. “Fuling Food Industrial Park will work to do so by driving integration and innovation across food and agricultural value chains through strategic partnerships, serving the domestic market with diversified and value-added products.”

Guanghao LAI, Board member of DONLINK Group, said: “Against the backdrop of China’s Greater Bay Area development, DONLINK is pleased to work with partners to transform the traditional grains and oils processing business and help create a new landscape for our industry, building on DONLINK’s rich experience in oilseeds and grains processing and merchandizing. I’m confident that Fuling Food Industrial Park will create value for our customers and society, contributing to the positive development of the local economy.”


About Louis Dreyfus Company

Louis Dreyfus Company is a leading merchant and processor of agricultural goods, founded in 1851. We leverage our global reach and extensive asset network to serve our customers and consumers around the world, delivering the right products to the right location, at the right time – safely, reliably and responsibly. Our activities span the entire value chain, from farm to fork, across a broad range of business lines (platforms): Carbon Solutions, Coffee, Cotton, Food & Feed Solutions, Freight, Global Markets, Grains & Oilseeds, Juice, Rice, and Sugar. We help feed and clothe some 500 million people every year by originating, processing and transporting approximately 80 million tons of products. Structured as a matrix organization of six geographical regions and ten platforms, Louis Dreyfus Company is active in over 100 countries and employs approximately 17,000 people globally. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and WeChat (ID: we_are_ldc).

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About Donlink Group

Donlink Holding Group Co., LTD. was established in 1994. It is one of the first batch of headquarters enterprises recognized by Guangzhou, China and has been recognized as One of the Top 500 Private Enterprises in China, Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises in China, Top 100 Private Enterprises in Guangdong and Top 100 Manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong for many times. The group consists of 3 major business lines, including Donlink Grains and Oils, Donlink Machinery and Donlink Investment. Donlink Grains and Oils ranks among the top within the industry in China, and it has been rated as the national Trusted Grains and Oils Enterprise, the Leading Enterprise in Guangdong Grains Industry and the Top 50 Edible Oil Processing Enterprises in China. It is committed to providing healthy, safe and nutritious grains and oils products for consumers. For more information, please visit and follow us on WeChat (ID: Dongling-Group).

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About Guangdong HAID Group Co., Ltd

Guangdong HAID Group Co., Limited was founded in January 2004 (its predecessor was founded in 1998). After decades of continuous and rapid development, the company has established five business segments, including feed, seedlings, animal protection, animal breeding and food, with over 40,000 employees and over 600 branch companies across the globe. In 2022, HAID ranked 238th in China’s Top 500 enterprises in 2023, and 87th in China’s top 500 private enterprises. In the field of core feed business, HAID achieved 21.65 million tons of feed sales, ranking second in the world, among which the aquatic feed sales scale ranked first in the world. In the field of aquatic products, HAID has the world’s leading technical advantages, resource reserves and industrialization scale, and has taken the lead in building a commercial breeding system that integrates breeding and propagation. The aquatic seeds and seedlings independently researched and developed basically cover major economic varieties, and have 6 national new varieties. The annual sales volume of shrimp and fish fry ranks first in the world. HAID firmly takes “science and technology to rejuvenate agriculture” as its mission, continues to promote high-quality industrial development, gives full play to the driving effect of leading enterprises, and strives to build China’s leading and world-class high-tech agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises with sustainable development, contributing to the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization and accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. For more information, please visit and follow us on WeChat (ID: haid_group).

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