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Louis Dreyfus Company Reaffirms Its Commitment to China With New Products Launched at 5th CIIE

Louis Dreyfus Company Reaffirms Its Commitment to China With New Products Launched at 5th CIIE
Published: Nov 05, 2022

Shanghai, China, November 5, 2022 – Participating in its 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE), under the theme of ‘Building safe and sustainable food and agricultural supply chains’,Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) showcases a variety of new juice and cooking oil products, and signs commercial agreements with Chinese partners for cooperation on shared development opportunities.

“Stable and sustainable investments, and a growing consumer market, demonstrate China’s resilience and development potential in a challenging global economy, making the country a key market for LDC – one in which we will continue to invest and work alongside our Chinese partners,” said the Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Gelchie. “Collaboration is a key word for LDC, as we believe partnerships are fundamental to create shared and lasting value, and we will again sign new cooperation agreements with regional partners for agricultural product imports and distribution at CIIE, a key platform for engagement with many important stakeholders for LDC in China.”

As part of the Group’s strategy to diversify downstream, closer to end consumers, LDC showcases several new products for the Chinese market at CIIE this year, including its high-quality, not-from-concentrate orange juice, for distribution under third-party brand Florida’s Natural. Produced with juice squeezed within 48 hours after fruit picking thanks to optimized supply chains, this new product will debut in Asia in early 2023, bringing Chinese consumers a fresh, vitamin-rich experience.

After successfully launching its B2C Mastergold cooking oil brand at the 2nd CIIE, and further expanding its product range in 2020 and 2021, LDC once again enlarges its Mastergold showcase this year to offer consumers additional healthy options with nutritional and metabolic benefits.

LDC will also participate in several CIIE conferences and forums under the theme of ‘global openness’, to share insights into global food trade, sustainable agricultural supply chains and food security, alongside other experts and industry stakeholders.

“Next year marks LDC’s 50th anniversary in China and we are grateful for our long history in the country, during which we have witnessed China’s continuous journey of opening up, which we see as key to development with mutual benefits and sustainable success,” said Jerrity Chen. “Along the way, we have invested and worked continually with our Chinese partners to bring safe, high-quality and nutritious products to China, including through Fuling Food Industrial Park now in construction in Guangzhou, and we look forward to continuing on this journey of collaboration and shared value creation – in 2023 and for the long-term.”

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