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Embracing Transformation
in a Changing World

Integrated Report 2023

How We 
Create Value

Our strong financial, risk management and industrial profile allowed us to pursue LDC’s transformational growth strategy, embracing innovation and new technologies in our efforts to help shape a fair and sustainable future of food and agricultural production.

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Responsible Business

Our business lines continued to advance LDC’s growth strategy in 2023, reinforcing core merchandizing capabilities while moving further downstream and diversifying revenue streams, embracing innovation and technology to make strides for sustainability.

ESG Strategy & Performance

Leveraging our leadership position, we continued to promote sustainability standards and practices, partnering actively with like-minded organizations and investing in innovations and technologies with the potential to help shape fair and sustainable food and agricultural systems.


Company-wide action to reduce emissions, promote regenerative agriculture, preserve natural resources, reduce water consumption and waste sent to landfill, contributing to global climate goals.

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Continued efforts to protect human and labor rights, support farming communities connected with our value chains, and promote a safe and inclusive workplace.

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Adoption of global sustainability policies and codes, and other actions supporting responsible sourcing and supply chain traceability.

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Financial Performance

In another year marked by complex market conditions, we continued to deliver solid financial and operating results in 2023.

Net Sales

US$50.6 billion

US$59.9 billion for the year 2022


US$2,222 million

US$2,347 million for the year 2022

Net Income, Group Share

US$1,013 million

US$1,006 million for the year 2022

Adjusted Leverage Ratio


0.2x as of December 31, 2022

Embracing Transformation in a Changing World

Find out how we’re creating value for a fair and sustainable future.

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