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Louis Dreyfus Company and China Environmental Protection Foundation launch Black Soil Protection Project in Yanbian, Jilin Province, China

Louis Dreyfus Company and China Environmental Protection Foundation launch Black Soil Protection Project in Yanbian, Jilin Province, China
Published: Oct 22, 2021

Yanbian, China, October 22, 2021- On the occasion of its 170th anniversary, Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) launched the “Sprint for Soil” project to protect black soil in Northeast China, in partnership with China Environmental Protection Foundation. The project inaugurated its new black soil protection demonstration zone in Yanbian, Jilin Province, this week, with an opening ceremony at the site.

During the ceremony, Ms. Joyce Jiao, LDC’s Head of Corporate Affairs for North Asia, and Mr. Zhengang Wang, Deputy Secretary General of China Environmental Protection Foundation, jointly unveiled a nameplate commemorating the creation of this symbolic, 170-mu black soil protection demonstration zone.

Black soil is China’s most fertile land and one of the world’s four black soil belts – an important natural resource for future food security and agriculture. To protect it, the 170-mu demonstration zone in Yanbian will serve to teach farmers black soil protection techniques such as stalk-stubble breaking, mulching and use of biofertilizers, to protect biodiversity and reduce environmental impacts. By regularly monitoring black soil quality, optimizing and adjusting protection techniques based on results obtained, this three-year project will explore and summarize a set of technical and implementation standards for sustainable grain cultivation in China’s black soils.

“China Environmental Protection Foundation is the first foundation, managed by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and registered by Ministry of Civil Affairs, that specializes in environmental protection for public welfare. Since its establishment nearly 30 years ago, it has carried out a series of projects to raise public awareness of the importance of environmental protection, biodiversity protection and tackling climate change, with good results and broad impacts. We greatly cherish black soil and hope through continuous efforts like this one to protect this natural resource, also known as the ‘panda in cultivated land’,” said Zhengang Wang.

“As a leading merchant and processor of agricultural goods, LDC is committed to promoting sustainable agriculture and food production – in our operations and across supply chains – to protect natural resources and biodiversity, while supporting the development and welfare of farming communities,” said Joyce Jiao. “We believe working collaboratively with local partners, and with farmers themselves as the heart of the food chain, is key to success. We are therefore very excited by this project, and confident in its potential to protect China’s precious black soils and contribute to food security in the country.”

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