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Louis Dreyfus Company Wins 2022 Employer Awards in China

February 10, 2023

We are proud to share that LDC has been recognized as a first-time winner of the 2022 ‘China 100 Model Employers’ and ‘Excellence in Employee Care Plan’ awards, sponsored by 51job, a leading HR solutions provider in China, since 2008.

The Model Employer awards are presented to companies in China whose HR practices made a significant contribution to their corporate development and employee careers, based on Big Data screening and strict screening and evaluation of HR data from a selection of 230 candidate companies, aiming to recognize employers who attract, cultivate and care for talents, thereby obtaining outstanding performance and promoting sustainable development.

For the Employee Care Plan award, LDC was selected among 34 participating companies from the same industry, assessed against three criteria: company regulations and policies for employee rights, harmonious and unified work environment, and employee benefits.

“I am very proud of this recognition which shows LDC’s commitment to our most important asset: our people, whom we will continue to empower to achieve their full potential and develop fulfilling careers in this exciting and dynamic industry that has such a key role to play in the global food system,” said Jessica Wang, Head of HR for North Asia. 

Building a team of healthy, active employees

LDC strives to empower employees through diversified training and customized development plans, offering internal and external training programs and courses that target different employee profiles to hone their professional skills and management capabilities. LDC also encourages employees to learn independently, leveraging its extensive online learning catalog, as well as to share experiences, contributing to a learning culture within the organization.

As part of our commitment to employee financial, psychological and social wellbeing, we cultivate a workplace that promotes collaboration and respect for diversity in all its forms and encourages engagement in activities supporting local community causes.

This approach putting people at the heart of what we did is closely connected to our pursuit of excellence, by creating a safe, healthy and inclusive workplace wherever we operate.

“We are honored to receive these employer awards, which reflect LDC’s commitment to our people, whom we work continually to nurture and empower as the key to our success, as we work together to shape a better future for current and future generations, said Jerrity Chen, Head of North Asia.


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