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Senior Meal Marketer, Grains & Oilseeds
Shanghai, China
“I feel I am still learning something every day from different people”

Iris joined LDC seven years ago through our Graduate Trainee Program, after graduating from University in Beijing with a Master’s Degree in Economics.

During her time with LDC Iris has held several positions - Senior Meal Marketer is her latest promotion - and been relocated four times. She has worked for LDC in Beijing, Wilton (US), Singapore, and now she is back in China in Shanghai.

The variety she has found at LDC is one of the reasons she enjoys her work, and one of the things she enjoys about her previous role as a trader. The market is endlessly changing, but forecasting it accurately through market intelligence, SND analysis and team discussion gives Iris great satisfaction.

“You need to watch all the macro news, follow important Twitter feeds and get the latest weather forecasts. This keeps you busy, but it makes you think and stops your brain getting rusty!"

Iris’ Little-Known Fact

Whenever Iris moves home, she sticks the same welcome home card on her new front door

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