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Sebastien H.

Senior Project Manager, Cybersecurity & Risk
Lyon, France
“The market is changing quickly, digital technologies are key to ensure the company transforms and moves faster than the market.”

My role is to make sure that LDC is always transforming itself to become a better version of itself, and to protect the company.

Something that I find very specific at LDC, is the work energy. The market is changing very quickly and we have to make sure that the business is always able to innovate. Digital technologies are really key to make sure that the company transforms itself and moves faster than the market.

We are processing goods which have their own cycles, and the yearly calendar is marked by crop seasons. During these seasons, it is very important that we focus on operations and make sure that the business can work at its best.

Something that surprised me a lot when I joined LDC is that more than half of the orange juice you can buy in any supermarket has been processed by LDC. Maybe we have grown the oranges, maybe we have transported it, or have sold it. I find it quite extraordinary.

We really feel at LDC that everyone is committed to make things move. The team is restructuring itself, and it's very pleasant to see that we are all working together to secure our business. And that's something that really makes me happy to come to work.

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