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Digital Technology & Analytics (DT&A)

A network of professionals with distinct skill sets from diverse backgrounds collaborate to make our business successful. Learn about the various roles at LDC and find the one that could suit you best.

Digital Technology & Analytics (DT&A)

Digital Technology & Analytics (DT&A)

Our DT&A teams connect the different parts of our business. They enable efficient operations, accurate reporting, reliable knowledge-sharing, fast communication and time-critical business insights.

About DT&A

The mission of our DT&A team is to deliver world-class solutions and innovations that matter, enabling business efficiency and agility while reliably supporting the everyday needs of our employees.

Our DT&A department is organized on the one hand around global service lines and operations teams, and on the other around regional teams working very closely with our regional business partners. The significant number of digital projects taking place globally, combined with DT&A’s stated mission and unique structure, generates exciting opportunities for our employees.

Through involvement in a new project or by moving to a different part of our business, they can gain experience of innovative technology, and learn new systems and ways of working. And by understanding more about how our business fits together, they in turn can make a real positive impact in a vital global industry.

Is This the Career for You?

  • You are curious and open-minded, and always keep on learning
  • You have deep knowledge and expertise in networks, infrastructure or in customer-centric applications
  • You are attracted by global opportunities and challenges
  • You enjoy working in projects with people from various functions and cultures
  • You are rigorous, and understand the right balance between strong IT processes and agility
  • You have a passion for technology at the service of business strategies
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Areas of Opportunity

  • Strong partnership with the business platforms to identify where technology can bring highest value
  • Transformation of our business processes driving agility
  • Global and multi-functional projects teams focused on key business transformation initiatives
  • Large scale infrastructure projects driving operational efficiency and effectiveness and best-in-class run activities
  • Consumer-centric data strategy to enhance trading performance
  • Agile and customer-centric systems enabling fast-pace transactions
  • Real-time insights delivery using advanced technologies, Artificial Intelligence and data visualization
  • Innovative robotic process automation and machine learning to drive efficiency and scale
  • Technology disruption preparing the company for the next decade
  • Discovery and invention of next-generation business analytics
  • Stewardship for cyber security and data privacy
Patricia is part of the IT team
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