Pillars of Sustainability

CO2 Emissions

This index shows the quantity of CO2 emitted per ton of feedstock crushed or processed. It is measured in kilograms of CO2 per metric ton of feedstock (kg CO2/MT).

We achieved significant reductions through process improvements and efficiency savings at our sites around the world.

Year-on-year change



  • A project to reduce fuel consumption at all 38 of LDC’s citrus farms in Brazil delivered several technical and process improvements that collectively drove a 5% year-on-year reduction in emissions for our farms overall (which amounts to approximately 725,000 kg CO2/ha), as well as cost savings from lower fuel consumption.
  • Our cottonseed processing plant in Paraguaçú Paulista, São Paulo State, Brazil increased efficiency of thermal conduction in the boiler evaporator, increasing overall boiler efficiency by 2.4% and reducing fuel consumption by almost 4%.
  • Our edible oil refinery in Kandla, India, installed a steam control valve to reduce steam consumption during low requirement periods, resulting in a daily saving of approximately four tons of steam.
  • Our oilseeds processing facility in Zhangjiagang, China reduced steam consumption using the “Kaizen method”, which calls for small changes to bring about continuous improvement. Actions included lowering the oil dryer inlet oil temperature, lowering the boiler outlet temperature, rerouting excess steam and lowering the lecithin evaporator outlet temperature.

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