Pillars of Sustainability

SHE 365

LDC makes Safety, Health and the Environment (SHE) a priority at all levels of our business, 365 days a year.

Our global SHE policy reflects this commitment, and all related investments and training reinforce a culture of safety in the daily work of every employee and contractor working for LDC.

Dedicated SHE committees at global, regional and local level are responsible for ensuring that everyone working for and with LDC adheres to our SHE policy and commitments, defining priorities, assessing required resources, delivering training and monitoring progress against targets.

SHE 365 in 2020

In 2020, local SHE teams shifted training delivery mode from physical to online with minimal disruption, maintaining the pace of improvement while helping to keep operations running safely in an environment with unprecedented challenges. Despite the difficulties, we made progress across several areas:

  1. SHE leadership training gained traction. All employees with an industry leadership function were given safety leadership training.
  1. We focused on prevention in high risk areas such as hot work activities, lock out tag out (LOTO) and fall protection.
  1. We broke new ground on our process safety journey, implementing new standards for tank farms, boilers and grain dryers, addressing gaps in North Latin America and South and Southeast Asia, and deploying new tools for local teams to engage in our process safety initiatives.
  1. We began shifting the safety reporting process from lagging indicators to leading indicators, in line with LDC’s preventive approach to safety (as opposed to corrective).
  1. In the second year of our SHE perception survey, employees assessed their own site’s adherence to LDC safety practices, and where gaps were identified, action plans were drawn up to address them.

SHE Day 2020

On March 12, 2020, we celebrated our 11th annual SHE day, to reinforce our commitment to raising safety and health standards at LDC, reducing our environmental footprint and supporting local communities where we operate to do the same.

The themes of the day were taken from the three pillars of SHE:

Safety – committed to zero;
Health – good health adds life to years;
Environment – less is more.

In view of the coronavirus outbreak, we avoided all gatherings and made it a digital celebration.

Around the world, more than 6,000 employees, contractors and joint venture partners participated in the event, which was fully compliant with social distancing measures as it took place through conference calls.

Executive Group members took an active part, leading the calls and sharing key SHE messages throughout the company.

Note: This video was filmed in 2019, pre-pandemic.

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