Pillars of Sustainability

Solid Waste Sent to Landfill

This index shows the amount of solid waste produced and sent to landfill for every ton of feedstock crushed or processed. It is measured in kilograms of waste per metric ton of feedstock (kg/MT).

Efficiency measures led to a significant reduction in the amount of solid waste sent to landfill across all regions, contributing to our significant year-on-year improvement of 45.5% for this key performance indicator.

Year-on-year change



Case Study

Improvements in Germany

In our integrated rapeseed crushing and biodiesel plant in Wittenberg, Germany, several improvements during the year led to an 89% reduction in solid waste at the facility.


The improvements focused on producing innovative bio-based chemicals and biofuels from the by-products of rapeseed oil production.

Not only did the new production reduce waste, it also generated additional income for the site.


By repurposing material that was previously sent to landfill, the team made Wittenberg almost waste-free, reducing the volume of solid waste sent to landfill by more than 4,630MT, which represents almost a quarter of all solid waste sent to landfill globally.

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