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Trading Platforms

A network of professionals with distinct skill sets from diverse backgrounds collaborate to make our business successful. Learn about the various roles at LDC and find the one that could suit you best.

Trading Platforms

Trading Platforms

Every day, our traders source, process and merchandize a wide range of commodities, products and services. They are at the center of the global food value chain – and at the heart of our business.

About Trading

Our traders have a wealth of expertise in our main markets – Oilseeds, Grains, Cotton, Rice, Coffee, Sugar, and Juice. Together with our commercial teams they provide multiple services, connecting producers and customers and ensuring safe transportation through efficient and expert Freight services.

The Global Markets platform also uses an array of financial instruments to hedge LDC’s currency risks and to mitigate risks.

All our trading platforms provide a dynamic, stimulating environment at the epicenter of geopolitical, regulatory and sustainability trends. Traders constantly research and navigate the global macroeconomic climate as well as the local dynamics in their region to balance the risks that may impact the quality of a product or its delivery to their customers.

Our business relies on close collaboration between traders, marketers, researchers, originators and business development experts. Our traders possess a range of skills that keeps evolving as we further the digitalization of our business process and invest in innovative products.

Is This the Career for You?

  • You are passionate about the mechanics and movements of global trade
  • You have a solid commercial acumen along with a strong work ethic
  • You are looking for meaningful work
  • You are willing to take personal responsibility for projects and tasks and you have the confidence to take decisions
  • You enjoy being part of a team and can switch quickly between a team player’s and a leader’s role
  • You enjoy fast-paced environments and have the drive to deliver on ambitious commitments
  • You are able to maintain composure under pressure

Areas of Opportunity

  • Negotiation and partnering with providers, customers and other stakeholders on volumes, quality, timing and pricing of products and services
  • Project management of profitable, reliable and sustainable origination and distribution flows
  • Research into country, regional and global market trends impacting the agri-business and the food value chain
  • Risk management of all factors that can impact successful trades
  • Management of processing and logistic assets
The fabric of a 30-year career in trading
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