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Safe, reliable and responsible shipment of agricultural goods is key to our business. We invest in our own river, ocean, rail and road transportation, which we use both for our own business and for third-party customers.

Committed to Sustainable Shipping

As responsible freight operators, we fully support the International Maritime Organization’s environmental protection regulations, particularly with regards to ballast water treatment as well emissions reductions, such as SOx and other greenhouse gases.

We continue to seek sustainable and innovative design solutions to the necessary gradual decarbonization of maritime freight, working in partnership with international industry bodies, shipyards and ship owners, as members of the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI).

Our goal is to participate actively in the reduction of the maritime carbon footprint.

In 2019 we continued to study the feasibility of carbon-reducing technologies and efficiency designs, such as wind propulsion or LNG dual fuel. We also took part in an SSI working group studying avenues for the use of biofuels in shipping.

We have steadily reduced our CO2 emissions over the last two years, through optimized routing and investment in more efficient tonnage.

Sustainability at LDC