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Business Lines

At LDC we pursue our mission, vision and purpose across ten business lines, or platforms: Carbon Solutions, Coffee, Cotton, Freight, Food & Feed Solutions, Grains & Oilseeds, Juice, Rice, Sugar and Global Markets.

Carbon Solutions

Driving LDC’s decarbonization efforts toward more sustainable global operations and value chains.


Managing the flow of coffee from source to destination and moving downstream to embrace more of the sustainable coffee value chain, thanks to our global supply chain.

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Sourcing cotton from all major producers and serving all key consumer markets worldwide.

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Food & Feed Solutions

Transforming agri-commodity by-products into value-added products and solutions.

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Operating a chartered fleet of around 200 vessels, serving global destinations for both our own business and for third parties.

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Grains & Oilseeds

Originating, storing, transforming and merchandizing a wide range of grains and oilseeds products.

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Originating, processing and merchandizing orange, lemon and lime juices, as well as several by-products.

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A global leader in rice merchandizing, securing supplies of the world’s most significant staple food crop.

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One of the world’s top sugar merchandizers, supplying raw and white sugar to key destination markets.

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Global Markets

Foreign exchange risk management and structured trade finance activities supporting our other businesses.

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Integrated Report 2023

Our latest report details how we are delivering on our commitments to sustainability and supply chain transparency.

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