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    Who We Are

    Our Value Chain

    Transforming our business model, guided by our purpose

    We are building on our expertise and experience of almost 170 years in the agribusiness sector and moving beyond the traditional sourcing, transport and delivery of raw agricultural products.

    01 We Originate & Produce

    We share our expertise with farmers and producers worldwide, ourselves or with business partners and expert organizations, as part of our commitment to responsible, sustainable and traceable supply chains

    • Our trusted suppliers – some of whom have worked with us for over half a century – grow the crops we buy, responsibly and with care
    • We manage the citrus farms we own according to high standards of sustainable practices, such as those of the Rainforest Alliance
    • Through these efforts, we strive to deliver the finest quality raw materials and products to customer and consumers globally – products they can trust

    02 We Process & Refine

    Once bought or harvested, we bring crops to our assets for the next stage in their journey. These are ethically and sustainably processed and refined, coming one step closer to the consumer.

    • Oranges are squeezed and by-products are extracted
    • Coffee beans are dried, washed and roasted
    • Soybeans are crushed to produce soy meal and oil

    03 We Store & Transport

    Our strategically located network of silos, warehouses, transloading facilities and ports allows us to facilitate access to market for local farmers around the globe and enable us to control costs and mitigate risk throughout the product journey

    • State-of-the-art facilities offer optimum product storage and handling conditions, and guarantee reliable supply
    • Warehouses and silos store processed products until they are ready for further transport and distribution
    • Trucks, trains, barges and ships transport millions of tons of products per year to customers around the world

    04 We Research & Merchandize

    Our depth of marketing and merchandizing experience is our greatest strength. All our platforms and regions rely on our market knowledge to ensure responsive supply.

    • We have almost 170 years of industry knowledge and expertise
    • We research every aspect of our products and value chains
    • From macroeconomic insights to consumer trends, we share unrivalled market knowledge across our businesses

    05 We Customise & Distribute

    We supply products to a wide range of customers, from large multinationals to local manufacturers and retailers

    • Our products make up the basic building blocks of the world’s most-consumed goods
    • After their journey with us, some are further transformed by roasting, blending, pressing, spinning, weaving and more
    • Others are ready for market, having already been bottled and packaged, as we continue to diversify our portfolio downstream toward the consumer

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