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First Candle for our New Coffee Sustainability Strategy

LDC celebrates the first anniversary of its Coffee Platform’s sustainability strategy, which aims to support and empower coffee communities, reduce environmental impact, and meet global commitments.

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OUR PEOPLE | APR 25, 2023

Trade Talks: Spotlight on Carbon

Our Carbon Solutions Platform’s mission is to build a carbon reduction project portfolio within and beyond LDC’s operations, as a source of high-quality carbon credits and removals to help meet our own and our customers’ Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets, and ultimately mitigate global warming.

OUR PEOPLE | APR 6, 2023

India, Grains & Net Gains: Meet Garima

As LDC’s Deputy CEO and Head of Grains for India, Garima Jain –…

IN THE FIELD | DEC 2, 2022

Charting the Course Toward Zero-Deforestation

Following our commitment to eliminate deforestation and conversion of native vegetation for agricultural…

IN THE FIELD | NOV 9, 2022

Empowering Rural Women Farmers to Accelerate Food Security 

Women smallholder farmers represent more than 40% of the agricultural workforce in developing countries. These women work to ensure food security for their communities and, in so doing, help to support climate resilience and bolster local economies. And yet, prevailing patriarchal cultures mean they are often disadvantaged compared to men, in terms of access to education, economic resources and land, which reduces their ability to produce food and generate an income, hindering their families’ food security, health and livelihoods.

OUR PEOPLE | NOV 2, 2022

100 Years With LDC in Spain

When our Madrid office opened in 1922, it was largely dedicated to grains marketing throughout Spain and Portugal. Over the last century, it has evolved into an important hub for the Group’s trading, execution and distribution activities, with strong links to all our business lines across the world.

IN THE FIELD | OCT 12, 2022

Forging a better food system, together. 

At LDC, we believe that we can have a greater impact by working with others and sharing wisdom to ensure that no one is left behind.

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